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Dear Reader,

Forgive me for I am a lover of letters, an appreciator of unprecedented emotions. Sometimes I like letting my guards down and reaching out to you lovely people, to myself, to this universe. I like experiencing how gravity pulls my thoughts with force; how they fall on papers and get scattered.

I like addressing the fullness as well as the vacancy of life. I appreciate through my words the grandeur of this universal coexistence. When I progress word by word on a piece of paper, memories seem to come closer than ever. As I ink my thoughts, I realize how alive I am—how grateful I am for this breath.

For as long I remain, I should continue writing about my unreserved thoughts, my repertoire of raw emotions, and about my gratitude for this life. Forgive me readers, for I am a lover of letters. So shall I remain!


Writing letters, I believe, is one of the most immersive human experiences. I know a part of me has always wanted to go back in time; where exchanging letters was a beautiful luxury and yet absolutely priceless.

I invite to you explore through the open letters and the letters I’ve written to myself — in my efforts to revive the olden times.

Happy reading!