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On Self-love

Self-love isn’t fancy Instagram pictures, pampering oneself, or reading motivational quotes. It is about cultivating the courage to be friends with ourselves, even when we… Read More »On Self-love

On Similarity

In our scars, fear, shame, and guilt, we may not be the same, but we’re similar.

On Listening

The more you listen, the more there is to listen.

On Truth

What you say is not your truth. How you live, is.

On Living

What do we live for – if not compassionate conversations, if not to share meaningful stories, if not to find ourselves in others?

On Calmness

To remain calm is an act of courage, especially when there is a lot of chaos within.

On Meaning

In essence, everything is meaningless.

On Self-Discovery

The real journey is the one which leads us to ourselves.

On Change

For once, let’s not think what they will say. For once, let’s make it a point to reflect — on ourselves, on our choices; for… Read More »On Change