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What Love Is

If you truly love somebody, set them free and let them benot because you’re doing them a favor, no intentions to savornot to make them… Read More »What Love Is

That Awkward Hug

The thrill is unforgettable,the moment never seems to fade even in my fickle memory.It’s beautifully gratifying,the openness with which we shared the repressed hopes and… Read More »That Awkward Hug

One Day

One day all this won’t matter.One day none of this will matter.One day I won’t matter.One day you won’t matter.One day we won’t matter.One day… Read More »One Day

Uncooked Thoughts

As the night grows dark and the shadows of my thoughts lurkI see the line between rumination and contemplation blurring.As the voices outside quiet down… Read More »Uncooked Thoughts


​​Whatever heals us,whatever hits right in the feels.Whatever ignites us,whatever converts reality to dreams.Whatever gathers us, whatever shows us the way ahead. Whatever makes us,whatever brings us… Read More »Catharsis