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Did this city need an emergency to breathe freely and thrive?Outside my building, I see trees moving, more carefree than ever.I observe clear skies from… Read More »Kathmandu


Put to thrive in between these moist wallsthat smell like yesteryear, containing the lostfragments of my being which still linger on. Asked to breathe freely… Read More »Paradox


We’re the men, the women, the children, the old. We’re the constructors, the destructors, the shapers. We’re the thinkers, the talkers, the listeners, the doers.… Read More »Beings

What Even?

In the ambitious hopes of tomorrow,we lose what little nice, today can be.In the anticipation of what still isn’t,we ruin what is there in our… Read More »What Even?


Captives of our own mind,we think—the world,the people, are strangling us.Have you ever wondered thiscould be a distorted reality?Maybe it isn’t the world.Maybe the people… Read More »Deception


If we can question, what holds us back?If we can be now, what makes us time travel?If we can contribute, what makes us only consume?… Read More »Oblivion