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Self and Meaning

Tranquility is born the moment we begin embracing the weirdness the depth the magic of this bewildering voyage. Meaning is found the moment we turn… Read More »Self and Meaning


we are messy we are miraculous we are surficial we are deep we are naïve we are adept we are vivacious we are stoic we… Read More »We


that voice is intent on repeating your name with utmost reverence that voice is intent on shouting out loud for you amidst the cryptic chaos… Read More »Self-calling

Watched over

All the time I bathed in ravenous rage All the time I ceaselessly complained All the time I beat myself with darkness All the time… Read More »Watched over


The life that we live the smile that we give the things that we perceive are nothing but our choices. The paths on which we… Read More »Choices


i. what you consume, consumes you what you resist, hits you hard what you hate, makes you hateful what you scorn, makes you rigid what… Read More »Crossroads

Who am I?

I wander with the wild wind. Someday when you walk down the street, I will come and strike you hard. I will remind you of… Read More »Who am I?