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Life’s fragile. More fragile thanwe can ever imagine. To feel the assurance of that ever-flowing breath now and not feel it the next moment.Wonder what… Read More »Fragility

In that flicker

There was a distant flickering,not piercing enough but visible.I wondered what that illuminationcould be, stepped forward to see. With each step, my vision startedgetting more… Read More »In that flicker


For this void shall always pertain whether or not I shall remain. For this existence shall always ask more awareness so as to unmask. For… Read More »Behold


“Strange,” she thought to herself “Strange enough, how I feel so hollow at the last hour of the warm sunshine as if it takes away… Read More »Strange


To the failed but undeterred self I salute you a hundred times and pay you a reverent gratitude for stumbling on the unwanted lanes yet… Read More »Redemption

Self and Meaning

Tranquility is born the moment we begin embracing the weirdness the depth the magic of this bewildering voyage. Meaning is found the moment we turn… Read More »Self and Meaning


we are messy we are miraculous we are surficial we are deep we are na├»ve we are adept we are vivacious we are stoic we… Read More »We