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Aprajita Jha

Uncooked Thoughts

As the night grows dark and the shadows of my thoughts lurkI see the line between rumination and contemplation blurring.As the voices outside quiet down… Read More »Uncooked Thoughts

On Love

If we can hold on and still let go, we’ve figured love.

On Saving Oneself

What doesn’t save you, gives you an opportunity to save yourself.


He would often turn to nature for tranquility and self-connection. As planned, he switched off his phone, left it at home, and went on a… Read More »Crack

On Self-love

Self-love isn’t fancy Instagram pictures, pampering oneself, or reading motivational quotes. It is about cultivating the courage to be friends with ourselves, even when we… Read More »On Self-love


She switched on the television on a Saturday morning to catch up with what was happening around. First, she learned of refugees crossing the Mediterranean… Read More »Remedy

On Similarity

In our scars, fear, shame, and guilt, we may not be the same, but we’re similar.