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A Hundred Meaningful Things

  1. Writing down thoughts.
  2. Reading through the pages of a good book.
  3. Witnessing a sunny day.
  4. Finishing a piece of work before the intended deadline.
  5. Poetry.
  6. A random act of kindness.
  7. Reflecting.
  8. Having fulfilling conversations.
  9. Watching the sunset while sipping tea.
  10. Singing.
  11. Watching football.
  12. Going for walks.
  13. Learning new tools and concepts.
  14. Laughing out loud.
  15. Listening.
  16. Hearing from a friend.
  17. Eating food in no rush.
  18. The smell of rain.
  19. A gratifying sleep.
  20. Looking at snowy mountains.
  21. Meditating.
  22. Listening to calming music.
  23. Being greeted with a generous smile.
  24. A warm hug.
  25. Going through old photographs.
  26. Decluttering.
  27. Exploring a new place.
  28. Working on a skill.
  29. Gardening.
  30. Saying ‘I love you’ and genuinely meaning it.
  31. Saying ‘yes’ to things that matter.
  32. Wearing comfortable clothes.
  33. Taking shower early in the morning.
  34. Watching a heart-warming movie.
  35. Thinking from a new perspective.
  36. Expressing emotions.
  37. Giving gifts to loved ones.
  38. Cleaning.
  39. Investing time, energy, and effort on a personal project.
  40. Realizing self-growth.
  41. Being able to contribute to others.
  42. Not checking phone constantly.
  43. Ask questions that matter.
  44. Telling stories.
  45. Listening to stories.
  46. Being greeted with your name.
  47. Petting a dog.
  48. Being able to see colors.
  49. Spotting a rainbow after a heavy rainfall.
  50. Walking on clean roads.
  51. Creating.
  52. Gazing at the clouds and sky.
  53. Remembering a loved one.
  54. Moongazing.
  55. Daydreaming.
  56. Collecting feathers.
  57. Letting go of guilt or shame.
  58. Overcoming a fear.
  59. Exploring nature.
  60. Communicating.
  61. Drinking a glass of water when you are thirsty.
  62. Writing letters.
  63. Realizing and accepting a mistake.
  64. Accepting a personal flaw.
  65. Crying tears of happiness.
  66. Asking, ‘How are you feeling?’
  67. Coming across a lively person.
  68. Revisiting a favorite place.
  69. Apologizing from the bottom of the heart.
  70. Gratitude.
  71. Journaling.
  72. Sitting under the yellow lights.
  73. Making someone smile.
  74. Going through notes and letters written for you.
  75. Feeling the breeze against your skin.
  76. Listening to a podcast.
  77. Cuddling.
  78. Getting an unexpected yet endearing text.
  79. Celebrating the happiness of your loved ones.
  80. Coming back to your room after a day of work.
  81. Drinking a glass of water when you’re thirsty.
  82. Having a lazy weekend.
  83. Afternoon naps.
  84. Appreciating.
  85. Being appreciated.
  86. Meeting new people.
  87. Taking a shower after working out.
  88. Doodling.
  89. Clearing a confusion.
  90. Receiving a favorite person’s call.
  91. Buying a new diary to write on.
  92. Creating.
  93. The night’s silence.
  94. The morning’s hope.
  95. Getting out of one’s comfort zone.
  96. Teaching.
  97. Learning.
  98. Unlearning.
  99. Connecting with oneself.
  100. Breathing.

"I am one, but I am not the only one; hardships and happiness, both spare no one." Governed by this quote that I've written, I try to live each day with courage, calmness, and realism.

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