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A City of Her Own

She often dreamt of building a small city, a city of her own. It was a recurring dream she had. Sometimes she saw the visuals in her sleep. Sometimes she slid into sessions of daydreaming—ignoring all the noise her classmates made around her. She would be too busy dreaming of that place.

She wanted to build that city with a tinge of reality and unfathomable hope. She wanted to welcome everyone to call that city their own, just as much as she would call it her own. She wanted to create a community in that city that valued compassion, love, contribution. She wanted to build a city, putting together all that she found fragmented in the world around her.

There were days when she realized, maybe this dream is only, after all, a silly dream. But then the morning came, and she would start visualizing that city again. She tried looking for it in the people, in places, in pleasures, in pain. She tried looking for it in the memories and longings. She tried looking for it in meanings and musings. After all that searching, she did find the city, contained in her being.

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