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Existential Reflections

One Day

One day all this won’t matter.One day none of this will matter.One day I won’t matter.One day you won’t matter.One day we won’t matter.One day… Read More »One Day

On Growth

At the one end of the continuum is the obsession with the self, where we make everything about ourselves. At the other end is the… Read More »On Growth

Dear Sleep

Dear Sleep, Why do I have such a love-hate relationship with you? No matter how much I try to work this out, it hasn’t been… Read More »Dear Sleep

Uncooked Thoughts

As the night grows dark and the shadows of my thoughts lurkI see the line between rumination and contemplation blurring.As the voices outside quiet down… Read More »Uncooked Thoughts

On Love

If we can hold on and still let go, we’ve figured love.

On Saving Oneself

What doesn’t save you, gives you an opportunity to save yourself.