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Existential Reflections

I Love You?

I love you.Three words that can feellike heaviest of all baggage,when said to or heard from someonetoward whom you perhaps don’t feel love. I love… Read More »I Love You?


I was four when a cousin of a cousinheld me tight when nobody was around.I felt suffocated, felt something was off.I couldn’t understand what was… Read More »#MeToo

My Love for You

My love for you has always been alivein highs, in lows, in deep reflections,in celebrations and also in mournings,it has given me strength to be,… Read More »My Love for You

Some Days

There are some daysI cut open my feelings,put them on my palmsand observe them. There are some daysI acknowledge existenceI feel thankful to livebut I… Read More »Some Days

It’s Me

It’s me,it’s how I see, someone as a friend or, as an enemy.

On Fighting

Another day comes to a closure, Another try at fighting my demons with composure.